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Aborted Christ Childe - «Aliv'N'Unreleas'd» pro MC


Image of Aborted Christ Childe - «Aliv'N'Unreleas'd» pro MC

Graceless Recordings.

In 1995, requesting "Black Metal" in a record store would get you either a nonplussed expression or 24-7 SPYZ. In Chicago, Illinois, two talented and depressed men in their 20's had decided to consolidate their musical efforts from avant-garde Noise Core to through-composed savage USBM. The result was ABORTED CHRIST CHILDE, an expression of deep misanthropy and murderous rage so violent and mercurial it threatened to burst beyond the confines of song. The goal was music that was the fastest, the loudest and the most severe EVER; on the lip of becoming pure noise, but held within the limits of perceptible order by an inexhaustible anger. The setting of the band, industrial Chicago, was destitute, hopeless, morbidly depressing, being attacked in corpse-paint by gang-bangers with crucifixes on, arms broken, and record labels failing to issue as promised; time and again, none had the balls.

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